Google Website Optimizer, the Universe, and Everything

Just random, I thought that some of you might find this entertaining. I’m running a Google Website Optimizer experiment, and as of this morning, my best combination is … well, if you’re a fan you’ll understand.


Obviously, this experiment is a long way from finishing. I might actually have to scale it back and re-run it. I don’t think the page I’m testing has enough traffic to test all the variables I’m testing at once in a reasonable amount of time. I’ll try and cover that when I write about my experience with Website Optimizer later this week.

6 Responses to “Google Website Optimizer, the Universe, and Everything”

  1. george Says:

    you should try the website optimizer’s new a/b testing method. it’s not as robust as their multivariation stuff but good for low traffic pages.

  2. Paul Pedersen Says:

    I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Maybe I can get rid of my pricey bid management software 😉

  3. Zachary Fox Says:


    I’m not sure about that. So far it’s a race with 42 and 60 going back and forth daily. I really think that I’ll never know, as I’m most likely to end this experiment early. It’s my first test with Website Optimizer (although I’ve done manual A/B testing for years). I like the platform, it’s easy to implement, and gives you a nice simple report.

    Although it’s probably not enough for the kind of work that we want to do. Too simple, not enough data. And it’s not fractional. It tests every combination, so on pages with less traffic, it’s going to take forever to test more than one or two variables. Nice for the small business to get started with, but the professionals are going to leverage the more complete solutions.

  4. Paul Pedersen Says:

    Thanks Zacahry. You make a good point.

    I may test it myself on one of my accounts. Currently I am managing the PPC efforts for a major newspaper organization with $100,000 monthly spend across 10 newspaper sites. Those sites range from $5,000 to $20,000 monthly. I also manage several smaller accounts (between $500 and $1,500 monthly spend). Which do you think would be better to test on?

    I can’t really complain about my bid management software. I got in early with Omniture SearchCenter and negotiated a pretty good price (before they understood what bid-management was worth). It’s been working pretty well for me considering it doesn’t offer portfolio bidding. Still, it’s a little cost prohibitive for the smaller accounts.

    I guess I was hoping there was something that would automate the process on these small accounts, which I handle 100% manually. Of course, manual means labor, and labor means lower profit margin. I want to continue to provide a great service for these small accounts, but there’s a point of diminishing return where you end up working for free …and I hate turning down someone who could really use the help.

  5. Zachary Fox Says:

    I think you are talking about the new conversion optimizer in adwords.

    This post is actually about the Website Optimizer, the multi-variate testing tool for landing pages. I’ve taken a look at the conversion optimizer here.

    Tell me about Omniture. Expensive, but seems worth it. We are in negotiations now at the company I work for since we really need a better solution. We have lots of sites, and it’s been a nightmare trying to look at analytics data for everything and put together funnels for conversion. Better analytics reporting could save me hours a week, so I’m really looking forward to it.

  6. Paul Pedersen Says:

    My bad. That’s the one.