NoDoFollow – A Firefox Extension

Updated, should install and work on Firefox up to 3.5.x Download HERE

Well, I’m not going to get too heavily into the debate over whether or not to nofollow your internal links, but thinking about how I would go about doing it, I decided that it would be helpful to see all the links on the page, and if they were dofollow or nofollow links. So I present NoDoFollow, a simple firefox extension that highlights the links on the page, color coded according to their follow status.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when activated (Thanks, Matt Cutts. I knew I would find some nofollow links on your blog):


The extension installs into your tools and right click menu and highlights the links pinkish red for nofollow, and light blue for dofollow.

I hope that someone finds this useful. I have at least one friend who was asking for this since he wants to try and test  using nofollow on internal links.

Download NoDoFollow Here

If you find NoDoFollow useful, or have comments, bug reports, or other requests, please comment here, and I’ll see what I can do to help you out!

260 Responses to “NoDoFollow – A Firefox Extension”

  1. James Hill Says:

    The last time I installed the plugin, it said it would last over many a Firefox version.

    It keeps that promise like a champ.

    It is helpful in lots of situations. It helps you to see where the links are on a page, and what kind of link they are.

    When you want to add a link to a comment or forum post, you can quickly gauge what type of link is welcome by seeing earlier comments or posts.

    I use this plugin more and more often, and I feel I’m getting even a bit addicted to it. I love it.

    Thank you, Zachary!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Thank you so much for this plugin. I am new to link building and this color coding is perfectly easy to understand.

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  5. Cool math Says:

    Very good tool I’m using it now. Thanks

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  7. poptropica Says:

    thanks a lot Zachary, but I have big problem how can make it working of firefox 15. Please any help?

  8. Purwono Says:

    Thanks for the plugin. I have installed it on my firefox. Btw, how do i change my site from nofollow to dofollow?

  9. camera espion Says:

    Realy usefull, i have discovered that many of dofollow blogs are not finally.
    Thank you very much

  10. Francis Says:

    Thanks Zachary. This is an awesome plugin.