Image Index

Notice the icons are all the icons themselves, not just a standard image icon.

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Have you ever opened up a apache directory listing page for a directory full of images and been frustrated that all you see is the same little icon next to each one? I bring you Image Index, a firefox plugin that replaces that icon with a thumbnail of the image itself.

5 Responses to “Image Index”

  1. technology blog Says:

    pretty cool stuff. significantly better than the plain old boring index listing.

  2. Indi Says:

    What would be great is if the user could have a one-click way to batch-download entire such directories (with an option-setting maybe, for whether subdirectories are downloaded also). Would that be a difficult project? It would be a powerful aid.

  3. M Says:

    sadly this does not work for me when accessing a remote UNIX filesystem accessed through the webserver via https:

    Maybe it’s https, or that the images are all >1.5MB large? (no, in another directory smaller images also don’t show up as replaced, just their icons)

    Or could it be FF15 on mac ?

  4. Rodrigo Says:

    Hi, would you upload this project to github? I improved it to work with other http servers. Thanks.

  5. Zachary Fox Says: