Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Password Hashing Module

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

This is a very simple password module that is also easy to use. Simpy place it in /lib inside your Ruby on Rails application and start protecting your passwords today. This code uses a long hash, and creates individual salts for each password stored. It should be very computationally expensive for someone to crack every password in your database, were they to fall into the wrong hands. Of course, if your database is in the wrong hands, you probably have bigger problems. But even some large sites have been caught storing passwords in plain text.

Ruby Password Hashing Code


Using the the password module is simple. All you need to do is save the file above as “password.rb” in the lib directory of your rails project. Then require_dependency “password” in your application.rb. Once that is done you are free to use the functions in any controller.




This is an example account controller.



This is the model for the user class. As you can see, password checking against a hashed password is very simple here. Authenicating the user returns a User object, which is stored in the session[:user] variable in the controller above.